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Amazing Fathers Day

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On Wednesday 29th August, Northside families enjoyed a fun and fantastic night with a special focus on our dads. We had double the number of registrations this year for the Amazing Father’s Day Race: 48 families! Family teams, dressed in themed costumes, were challenged to a variety of competitions, including puzzles, hoop and goal kicking challenges, trivia and races of all kinds. Prizes were awarded for speed and accuracy, best costume and best team cooperative spirit displayed. There was an incredibly joyous and vibrant spirit amongst the 150 plus people.

We were privileged to share the evening with an amazing group of dads who stayed on until the end, enjoying further connection with other dads and receiving some great tips from the Amazing Father’s Day Speaker. We were reminded why it is so important for dads to connect with their kids and given practical advice on how to do it. The guest speaker, Dom from Relationships Australia, also helped us to understand some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Father Role. Take-away tips included: remember to be truly present, go for quality time over quantity time, have the courage to step out of your comfort zone - don’t be afraid to wear another ‘dad hat’ that mum might ordinarily wear, and, work together with your partner to build a strong family.

Thanks to Dom and Relationships Australia for stimulating excellent discussions and ideas. Dads took home a show bag of goodies including a board game, ball, lollies and a conversation starter pack

A special shout out to Mrs Venegas for organising the challenges, the equipment, the staff and prizes. Thanks, also, to Mrs Waters, the Parents & Friends Committee and NCC staff for organising the Amazing Father’s Day Dinner. 150+ people to feed was no small feat. It gave families a great opportunity to meet new people and to enjoy the spirit of our College community.

We are truly blessed in our community!

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