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Student Anti-Harassment and Bullying Policy

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During October 2017, the Executive Team at Northisde Christian College approved an updated Student Anti-Harassment and Bullying Policy (Policy No. 20). Northside Christian College is committed to maintaining a work and student environment that reflects Christian relational values and practices. We expect every member of the College, from the youngest to the oldest student, all our staff and the wider community to give and receive respect.

At Northside Christian College, we do not tolerate bullying in any form. All members of our College community are committed to ensuring a caring and safe environment, which promotes personal growth and a positive self-esteem.

We believe all members of our College community have the expectation and right to a safe environment and to be treated fairly with respect and courtesy. We believe these rights have concurrent responsibilities that include accepting others and treating them with dignity and respect.

The updated policy document clearly defines bullying and harassment. Furthermore, the policy document outlines what we do to prevent bullying at the College. Protocols for dealing with incidents of bullying and harassment are also documented in this policy.

Everyone within the Northside Christian College school community is expected to abide by the College’s policies, which have been endorsed by the Committee of Management. Policies are developed to assist in creating a learning environment in which students can experience success in a safe and caring environment that supports their wellbeing and achievement.

A copy of the updated policy is available on the College website. An extract of this policy is published in the Student Diary distributed to Year 5 – 12 students.

Michael Bond
Deputy Principal

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