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Child Safety Update


The Child Safe Standards aim to drive cultural change in organisations that provide services for children so that protecting children from abuse is embedded in everyday thinking and practice.

Child Safe Strategy Document

The Child Safe Strategy Document is a key resource outlining our commitment to embedding a culture of child safety at Northside Christian College. This document was most recently updated in November 2017. The College has strengthened the safety of our operations as a result of the implementation of the Child Safe Standards at the College. The work that is involved in building a child safe organisation is never completed. It is a dynamic, multifaceted and ongoing developmental process of learning, monitoring and reviewing. Maintaining a child safe organisation is not a one-off task. It must become part of our College’s ongoing processes and be embedded into our culture. Your feedback and support with developing a child safe culture is greatly valued.

Child Safety Policy

The Northside Christian College Committee of Management has approved the Child Safety Policy, Code of Conduct and Procedures (Policy No. 1). The Child Safety Policy is a comprehensive and overarching document that provides an overview of the key elements of Northside Christian College’s approach to creating a child safe organisation.

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Staff, directors, volunteers and contractors at the College are required to abide by the College’s Child Safety Code of Conduct. The purpose of this Code is to promote child safety within all College Environments. This document is available at the College Office and on the College website.

Child Safety Officer

Northside Christian College has appointed Ms Fiona Dumitrache as the College’s Child Safety Officer. The primary purpose of the position is to manage the implementation of the Child Safety Policy (Policy No. 1), especially in relation to training and educating staff and students and to manage any incidents of reporting to ensure Northside Christian College is compliant with all legislation around such reporting.

The Child Safety Officer is a contact person for children, young people, parents, employees and volunteers to seek advice and support regarding the safety and wellbeing of children and young people within our College. The role requires the officer to take action when child protection concerns are reported, including the provision of support to those within the community who have been affected, with an understanding and respect for cultural diversity.

Child Protection Workers

The College’s Child Protection Workers are Ms Fiona Dumitrache, Head of Welfare and Mr Jared Stocks, College Chaplain. The Child Protection Workers have the specific responsibility for responding to any complaints made by staff, volunteers, parents or students in relation to Child Safety. The Child Protection Workers at Northside Christian College will always work concurrently with the Principal and other College leaders.

Proecedures For Responding To And Reporting Allegations Of Suspected Child Abuse

Northside Christian College has a clear procedure for responding to allegations of suspected child abuse in accordance with Ministerial Order No. 870 and other legal obligations. Please use the template document of the Child Safety page on the College website to document any incident, disclosure or suspicion that a child has been, or is at risk of being abused.

Michael Bond
Deputy Principal

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