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Anaphylaxis Management Policy


The Executive Team at Northside Christian College approved an updated Anaphylaxis Management Policy during 2017. Anaphylaxis is the most severe form of allergic reaction and is potentially life threatening. Food allergies and anaphylaxis have increased over the last decade and it is not uncommon for schools to have many children who may be anaphylactic.

Most food allergic reactions do not involve anaphylaxis, and the likelihood of a severe allergic reaction from casual exposure when food is not ingested (e.g. from touch or exposure to odours) is very low. However, severe reactions may occur unpredictably, thus any allergic reaction to foods should be taken seriously and treated as a potential medical emergency requiring immediate treatment.

The purpose of the College’s Anaphylaxis Management Policy is to achieve the following:

  • To provide, as far as practicable, a safe and supportive environment in which students at risk of anaphylaxis can participate equally in all aspects of the student’s schooling. This extends to all College learning environments (onsite and off-site).
  • To raise awareness about anaphylaxis and the College’s Anaphylaxis Management Policy in the College community.
  • To engage with parents/carers of students at risk of anaphylaxis in assessing risks, developing risk minimisation strategies and management strategies for the student.
  • To ensure that each staff member has adequate knowledge about allergies, anaphylaxis and the College’s policy and procedures in responding to an anaphylactic reaction.
  • To remain compliant with Ministerial Order 706: Anaphylaxis Management in Victorian Schools and the guidelines on anaphylaxis management.

With the commencement of Term 2, it is timely that we all remind ourselves to be mindful not to inadvertently expose our students to potential triggers. Your continued support in ensuring that our children stay safe is appreciated. A couple of simple steps for families who have students with food allergies include:

  • Remind students to always eat food that has been packed from home.
  •  Encourage students to not accept food from peers.
  • Provide food that does not contain allergens.
  • Make sure children know if they have an allergy as well as the adults who are caring for them. This includes completing an Action Plan. Copies are available from the College Office.

More strategies and information is available from or


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