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Exam Study Tips

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Students in Years 10 and 11 will be completing midyear examinations during Week 9 of this term. It is timely to consider a wide range of revision strategies with examinations just a few weeks away. Over the few few weeks, students are encouraged to prepare a study schedule to plan their revision. They are encouraged to choose one topic in each subject to start revising. Revision can take many forms and students are encouraged to use the method that works best for them. For some students, revision may consist of re-reading an English text, completing additional maths questions in the chosen topic, creating a

glossary of key science terms or representing key dates in history on a timeline to put on the back of the bathroom door. If students need any assistance in planning their revision program, they are encouraged to speak to their subject teacher(s) or home group teacher. 

Below are a few commonly used strategies to prepare for examinations.

Work consistently throughout the year. Regularly scheduling some revision throughout the semester assists with learning and understanding.

Draw up a study plan. Most students have a busy schedule with other commitments including sport, work, friends and family. It can be a useful strategy to plan what you aim to study each day leading up to the examinations. This is a good strategy to ensure you don’t miss anything and don’t get stuck studying for subjects at the last minute.

Study with purpose. Think about how you are going to study for each subject. Can you study chapter questions? Are there any past papers or practice exams? Can you develop a study guide?

Testing yourself and testing others is an effective strategy for revising your knowledge in different subjects. After you have tested yourself, teach the material to someone else. This is a commonly used revision strategy which can assist with the recall of knowledge.

Completing practice exams is an effective strategy at the VCE level. Completing practice exams can build your confidence in how to attempt different types of questions, managing your exam time and building your content knowledge. 

Read your exam timetable. It is important to know the details of your exam. When is it scheduled? How long does it go for? What can you bring into the exam room? Students should be familiar with the exam rules.

Maintain your routines. The little things like eating well, sleeping well and staying positive can help you prepare for your examinations. Exercising regularly has been shown to assist with your learning and overall wellbeing.

I wish to encourage our students to persevere during this very busy time.

Michael Bond
Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary School

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