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Technology and the Internet

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The Executive Team has continued to review a wide range of policy documents in order to strengthen our operations at Northside Christian College. The College in partnership with the Committee of Management are committed to developing sound policies and procedures across our wellbeing programs, education programs and our overall operations. 

During the past fortnight, the updated ICT and Internet Acceptable Use Policy (Policy No. 24) was presented to the College teaching staff as part of a Policy Briefing. During this meeting, staff reflected on current research as it relates to the use of technology and social media by young people in Australia. Resources were referenced from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

It is important for our College community to develop an understanding about how our young people are using technology. This means we need to have the conversations about Internet use, social media and the risks involved with our students both at school at at home.

The development of good digital citizenship takes places with support from the school and our parents / guardians at home. Staff and parents have a role to play in modelling our own use of technology. This provides us with a chance to establish and model boundaries around the use of technology. Likewise, it provides us with an opportunity to discuss how we can use technology appropriately and safely.

The use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at Northside Christian College is incorporated in almost every aspect of our teaching and learning programs. We believe that it is important for our staff and students to develop the skills necessary to become responsible, reliable and respectful users of ICT.

Some of the aims of this policy document at Northside Christian College include:

  • To ensure safe and responsible use, and ongoing care of all our ICT resources.
  • To safeguard student safety in an online environment.
  • To improve student learning outcomes by increasing access to world-wide information.
  • To develop skills to discriminate and apply appropriate Internet and computer usage.
  • To encourage and promote ethical digital citizenship and cyber safety.

An updated Computer / Internet Access Agreement will be distributed to all students later in the year in preparation for the 2018 academic school year.

A copy of the updated updated ICT and Internet Acceptable Use Policy (Policy No. 24) document will be posted to the College website in the near future.

Michael Bond
Deputy Principal  

Useful Resource for Parents and Guardians

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