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Transforming Lives Through Christ and the Wonder of Learning

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Northside Christian College provides students with Primary and Secondary educational opportunities based on Christian values, designed to develop students’ knowledge, skills, understanding and character.

We believe every student is made uniquely in the image of God. Therefore, the individual needs of each student are our greatest concern. Within a Christian context at Northside Christian College, we aim to nurture the growth and development of the whole person – intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. We believe that this growth should be firmly based on the student's growing personal relationship with God and other people.

The development of students at Northside Christian College takes place in community. Our College is built on shared foundations of Biblical faith, values and beliefs and a commitment to mutual care and respect. We see our role as forming partnerships with parents and carers to educate their children.

We believe that in order to develop students to their full potential the College must ensure that all aspects of the child’s health and wellbeing are supported. We believe students should be nurtured in a supportive environment that has clear boundaries within mutual respect and a healthy working relationship between parents and carers, teachers and students. Respect involves treating other people as you would like to be treated yourself. The College implements a discipline program which aims for the restoration of relationships. We are committed to embedding a culture of child safety. We have a zero tolerance of child abuse in our school.

Northside Christian College aims to offer an education that encourages both academic learning and the development of Godly values and wisdom. These values help to form the foundations for life and are vitally important to the development of each student. The presentation of these values in the curriculum and their demonstration in the lives of our staff serve to reinforce what is taught at home and in the family church.

We encourage students to be active participants in their educational journey. The College is committed to supporting each student in a collaborative and differentiated approach in order to meet their learning needs.

Enactment of the College Philosophy 

The College Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives are central to all practices within the College and form the basis of the College’s Strategic Plan and Annual Action Plan.

The College Philosophy is communicated to the students, parents, staff and the College community through key documents and publications. These include but are not limited to:

It is expected that all school improvement strategies and organisational practices relate to the College Philosophy in alignment with the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the College. 

The Committee of Management review written policies on a continuing basis to ensure consistency with the College’s Vision, Mission, Philosophy and Objectives. Policies are also reviewed and revised as a result of newly enacted state and/or federal legislation, as a result of research and/or policy development as presented by state and/or national organisations and agencies, or for other reasons as determined by the Committee of Management.

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