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Senior Tutoring Program

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Northside Christian College, in partnership with ETHELab, offers an after school tutoring program for Primary School students two days per week. This innovative program is designed to provide an opportunity for Senior School students (Years 10 – 12) to tutor our Primary School students.

The tutoring program was inspired by the 2015 Year 12 College Captain, Janice Timotious. In partnership with the Director of Primary School, the Senior Tutoring Program at Northside commenced with only a handful of students. Since 2016, both the number of tutors and tutees have increased to a room filled with students on both days; Tuesday and Thursday. This service is provided mainly to support Primary School students with their homework.

Senior Tutors, employed by ETHELab, need to be committed to their own academic goals and be a positive role model to their tutees. Senior Tutors are mentored and guided with how they are to tutor their tutees, and they are encouraged to build a relationship of trust by displaying patience and persistence when working with their tutees.

The program has been running smoothly and there is great interaction between the Senior School students and the younger Primary School students as the lessons have been open and engaging, creating a friendly academic atmosphere.

This is a paid service by parents at the start of every term. The cost is $25 per hour, up to a maximum of 8 weeks in a term. Terms One and Four typically would only have 6 weeks of tutoring.


If you are interested in having your child tutored by a Senior School student, please register your child at

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