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Continuous Online Reporting Program

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Northside Christian College provides all parents and carers with online access to their child’s assessment feedback and results via the Continuous Online Reporting Program (CORP). CORP increases awareness of individual learning needs and provides ongoing feedback to students, parents and carers. 

Students at Northside Christian College receive feedback through the discussion of strengths and areas that need improvement. Continuous online reporting makes feedback available to parents in a secure online environment. Parents and carers can view results for assessments without waiting until the end of the semester. The online assessment information is not designed to replace semester reports, but rather to complement them by providing continuous feedback in a more timely fashion.


The concept of Continuous Online Reporting is supported by a wealth of research in the field of assessment and reporting and student learning. The College has been influenced by the work of Professor John Hattie and his meta-analyses related to learning and achievement. In his ground-breaking study, “Visible Learning”, he ranked 138 influences that related to learning outcomes. Hattie found that ‘informative feedback’ had one of the greatest effects on student learning.

Additional Benefits

Northside Christian College is aware that there are a broad range of benefits for implementing a continuous online reporting program. Most significant is the ability to provide timely, informative feedback to students. Further benefits include the following:

  • Parents and carers receive information about their child’s learning much earlier than traditional end of semester reports.
  • Online feedback stimulates a collaborative working relationship between parents, teachers and students.
  • Data is readily available for students, parents and teachers to work in partnership to develop meaningful learning goals.
  • Students can act on the feedback from summative assessment and use it to inform future learning.
  • Teacher report writing workload is spread out across the year.

Parent and Student Portal

Northside Christian College is using an online environment called Schoology to facilitate teaching and learning in the Secondary School at Northside. Students are able to receive course materials and assignments, have discussions, and submit work using this platform. Student results and feedback are also reported on SEQTA.

Parents of Secondary School students can also create Schoology accounts so that they can get access to some aspects of their child’s courses. Most importantly, parents will be able to see the due dates of upcoming assignments and receive notification if assessment tasks have not been submitted.

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