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Arts Day Out at the NGV

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The Year 4 students took part in this year`s Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Arts Learning Festival. Students worked together to weave a colourful flying carpet, directed by a team of Italian Educators from the Department of Castello di Rivoli. They participated in a Visual Thinking Strategies guided tour, studying selected paintings up close, and discussing them at a deeper level.

Students concluded their gallery visit by creating their own mini beast collages inside Fiona Hall`s very own “Uneasy Seasons” Installation Room. Well done to all our Year 4 students, for demonstrating excellent behaviour, and a positive attitude towards art making and appreciation activities.

Independent Schools Victoria highlighted that “The visual arts provide students with the skills that enable them to develop and share ideas through artwork, using their imaginations to expand the existing horizon of what is to what can be.”

Since 2005, ISV have presented an Annual Student Art Exhibition, where the work of students is displayed, allowing schools and the wider community to appreciate a vast array of ideas and approaches. Building on the exhibition, ISV also presents the Arts Learning Festival. The inaugural festival in May 2017 was open to all students in all schools, as well as the wider community.

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