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Pilot Band Program

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Week 1 of Term 3 saw our Year 5 and 6 students begin their semester learning their chosen concert band instrument. The College is very excited to see the pilot program successfully launched this semester after many months of meticulous planning and preparation.

Throughout the semester, students will have sectional rehearsals with their specialist tutor and also come to together regularly in a class formation to rehearse as a band. This all happens during the weekly classroom Music lessons.

The aim of the program is to allow students to learn a new instrument, build community, develop discipline as a musician and experience playing in a large ensemble. The class will perform a specially chosen repertoire for the College community later in the year. Keep your eye out for that!

As part of this new program we welcome to the College three new Instrumental Music Staff.

  • Ms Jessica Carlton - Brass: Trumpet
  • Mr Luke Carbon- Woodwind: Saxophone, Flute
  • Mr Brian Hamilton- Brass: Trombone

These new staff are also available for private tuition as part of the College.

We look forward to sharing more with you as the students progress in this exciting new program.

Andy Horneman
PInstrumental Music Program

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