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Child Safety Officer

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Northside Christian College has appointed Ms Fiona Dumitrache as the College’s Child Safety Officer. She is a contact person for children, young people, parents, employees and volunteers to seek advice and support regarding the safety and wellbeing of children and young people within our College.

The role requires the officer to take action when child protection concerns are reported, including the provision of support to those within the community who have been affected, with an understanding and respect for cultural diversity.

Additionally, constant review of policies and procedures for responding to allegations and disclosures are required. Teaching and non-teaching staff will continue to be provided with advice and support regarding mandatory reporting obligations and procedures so that effective and safe communication skills can be used when responding to a disclosure.

The Child Safety Officer will also have the ability to identify and respond to child protection risks within the College in order to enhance our child protection culture.

The College’s Child Protection Workers are Ms Fiona Dumitrache, Head of Welfare and Mr Jared Stocks, College Chaplain.

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