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Experiencing Northside Christian College

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Here at Northside Christian College, we hope that from the moment you walk over the Darebin Creek onto campus you sense you’re entering into a wonderfully close, thriving community of students, teachers and staff.

Northside is a place to flourish, not just academically, but in wellbeing, identity, sense of purpose and belonging.

So as we grow in student numbers into the future and our learning spaces grow and change, it’s our aim to maintain the beautiful family atmosphere Northside is known for.

 “Our heart and hope for all our students is that they can grow here at Northside - in their understanding of God's character and their understanding of their purpose in life.” - Principal Michael Bond.

One family that’s grown with Northside over the decades is the Bland family.

Lyn Bland and her husband purchased a block of land near the school when they were married in 1979. Excited to send their children to a Christian school, their first child Naomi started Prep in 1988, followed by their two other children. All three completed their schooling at Northside.

These days Lyn is a doting Grandmother, including to Naomi’s children, Julian and Laura, who both attend Northside.

Lyn describes Northside as a place of “family involvement, friendships, fetes, fairs, and lifelong friendship”.

As Northside has grown, so has her family, but they’ve always stayed connected. In fact, Lyn has been part of the fabric of school life for decades.

As part of the Northside Prayer Warriors group since the early 90s, Lyn faithfully prays for the students, teachers and school community, even attending when she didn’t have any family members coming to the school.

She also runs her famous weekly praise and worship sessions for the kids - currently over Zoom - and she can’t wait to get back on campus.

Lyn says as Northside grows it will continue to be a “light on the hill” in the area.

“There is a family atmosphere and a community atmosphere [at Northside]… The teachers go out of their way to put their heart and soul into the kids and that's beautiful.”

Just as the Blands have continued to flourish at Northside Christian College as it has grown, it’s our hope that every student can find their place at Northside, and grow along with it.

Principal Michael Bond says he wants to see students thriving.

“That they're growing in their understanding of God's character, growing in their understanding of their purpose in life and the knowledge that they've been made in God's image.

It's lovely when students spend 13 years here, but for others, it's a shorter season and we want to be just as intentional at those different entry points, to meet the needs of students and families for the time that the students are here with us.”

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