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Christian Curriculum

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Christian Curriculum

Primary Years: Bible

The Christian curriculum at Northside Christian College has been designed to help students become familiar with what the Bible, God’s Word, says and develop a basic understanding of some of the key aspects about God and get an overview of His plan for humanity. It is also working in parallel with the You Can Do It program to help students apply Biblical principles and values to their lives and behaviours. This course has been developed specifically for the College and is resourced with a range of materials and resources. The whole program consists of lots of storytelling, Bible reading, memorisation of Scripture, songs, role-plays, craft, discussion, prayer and other engaging activities.

Every grade covers the following major themes, but with differing aspects and stories.

Time allocation is one 50 minute session per week, as well as, one 50 minute Chapel and one Assembly session per week. Each class also participates in daily devotions.

Secondary School (Years 7 & 8): Christian Life Studies

In Year 7 Christian Life Studies focuses on the beginning of God’s relationship with man and the unfolding of His plan in the Old Testament and leading up to the birth of Christ. There is a focus on the importance of story and recording, remembering and passing on values, beliefs and experiences.

The following topics are covered during two 50 minute sessions per week.

In Year 8 the curriculum focuses on discovering the New Testament, beginning with the birth of Christ. His world, the people He interacted with, His experiences and teaching are the focus of many units during the year. The emphasis is on drawing connections between students own experiences and the relevance of Jesus’ life and teaching to their own.

The following topics are covered during two 50 minute sessions per week:

Secondary School (Years 9 & 10): Christian Life Studies

In Year 9 & 10 the focus for Christian Education is the way Christians have persevered in living out the Gospel in our materialistic and sometimes violent culture. One emphasis is on stories of those who wrestled with the implications of the Gospel and found ways to live with integrity. Students are encouraged to examine their own values, aspirations and life choices in the light of a Biblical world view.

The following topics are covered during two 50 minute sessions per week:

Secondary School (Years 11 & 12): Christian Life Studies

Two periods a fortnight are devoted to the Year 11 and 12 Christian Life Studies program. The College is currently implementing the Genius of Jesus program developed by Ray Tiller.

In His training of leaders-to-be, Jesus distinguished between “gentilic” (self-seeking) leadership and leadership that is based on the principles of humility and service (e.g., Matthew 20:24–28). The essential difference between these two kinds of leadership is the attitude of the leaders to themselves and the people they lead.

The Genius of Jesus curriculum program is designed to apply the ideals of Jesus’ instruction and example of servant leadership to the practical issues of:

Learning Objectives for this program are:

  1. Inspire students with an appreciation of how profound Jesus’ instruction and example is regarding “servant leadership”, and the revolutionising and transforming effect it can have on our school and human culture
  2. Challenge students to examine their own life and leadership in the context of the servant leadership paradigm
  3. Enable students to recognise and deal with inappropriate leadership cultures
  4. Help students to explore the possible development of the leadership structures of our school to be more responsive to Jesus' instructions
  5. Equip students to apply the tenets of servant leadership to their practical daily leadership.

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