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Child Safe Strategy

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During November 2017, the Committee of Management at Northside Christian College approved the College’s Child Safe Strategy Document. This document is a key resource in summarising the College’s approach to implementing a culture of child safety. 

Northside Christian College has strengthened the safety of our operations as a result of the implementation of the Child Safe Standards at the College. A key objective for Northside Christian College is to embed child safety practices into our culture. The work that is involved in building a child safe organisation is never completed. The College community recognises that the development of a child safe culture is a dynamic, multifaceted and ongoing process of learning, monitoring and reviewing. Maintaining a child safe organisation is not a one-off task. The College has taken deliberate steps to ensure that child safety has come part of our College’s ongoing processes and be embedded into our culture.

During the 2017 academic school year, Northside Christian College has updated a broad range of policy documents in order to strengthen our child safety practices. The process of updating and improving policy at the College will be ongoing. 

The College values feedback and support from parents, staff, students, volunteers and contractors in continually developing a child safe culture at Northside Christian College. For more information about the College’s approach to Child Safety, please visit the Child Safety page on the College website.

Michael Bond
Deputy Principal

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