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Updated Behaviour Management Policy

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In November 2017, the Northside Christian College Executive Team approved significant amendments to the Behaviour Management Policy (Policy No. 36). These changes will be presented and explained to students throughout 2018 in Home Group classes and assemblies. Additional details will also be provided to families in the form of website updates and the 2018 College Diary.

At Northside Christian College, we expect all children to behave in an appropriate and acceptable manner. We believe that the quality of children’s learning and the quality of life in the College will be enhanced and enriched through the promotion and maintenance of high standards of behaviour. This policy document provides our College community with an opportunity to ensure that all students respect this culture at our College.

We aim to establish a caring and supportive environment where all members of the College community feel secure, respected and valued. The development of personal qualities and social skills, and the fostering of socially acceptable behaviour, is an integral aspect of the College curriculum.

The staff at Northside Christian College are committed to developing Christian character within each of our students. The implementation of rules and their consistent enforcement assist in the development of Christian character at our school. The rules and their enforcement are also intended to help each student accept responsibility for personal actions, and to ensure the safety and welfare of other members of the College community.

Clear guidelines, communicated with students and consistently enforced by all staff, add greatly to the effective maintenance of a school culture, which supports a safe environment for all students, and a positive classroom atmosphere.

Northside Christian College will have as its central pillar the Principles of Restorative Justice. We will aim to embed restorative approaches and use Restorative Justice Conferences in order to support our Behaviour Management Policy. Additionally, a key element of the updated Behaviour Management Policy is ongoing communication with parents in regards to student behaviour and strategies being implemented at the College.

A copy of the updated policy document is available on the College website. Thank you once again for your ongoing support of our College.

Michael Bond
Deputy Principal

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